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Accessing Media stored on a Linkstation Live with a Playstation 3
Sony's latest firmware for the Playstation 3 (PS3) allows it to access and stream media from any DLNA certified media servers. Whilst you can use Windows Media Player Connect or a similar PC-Based server, this requires having the PC turned on at all times which can be noisy and consumes alot...

Can I use my USB modem with a wired or wireless router?
The simple answer is no. USB modems aren't suitable for networking so you have two options instead. Firstly, you could buy an all in one wireless router such as the Netgear DG834G or Linksys WAG200G which has the modem built in to it. Secondly, you could buy a seperate Ethernet modem such as...

Extending the range of your wireless network
There are a number of ways to increase the coverage of your wireless network. One way would be to purchase a more powerful wireless router, such as the Linksys WAG54GX2 (For ADSL connections) or the Linksys WRT54GX for Cable connections. This may help, but although the range will be improved, the...

How can I extend the range of my Netgear DG834G?
There are two ways of extending the range of your DG834G Wireless Modem Router. The first would be the Netgear WGXB102 Wall-Plugged Range Extender Kit which uses Powerline technology to give you wireless access through your electricals (see powerline glossary term). Devolo also produce a competit...

How does wireless broadband work?
Wireless broadband gives you complete flexibility allowing users to move around the home or office without cables. The broadband signal is sent via a wireless router to wireless clients. Existing broadband users can have wireless broadband by changing an existing modem or router for a wireless ro...

I already have an ADSL modem, which type of wireless router do i need?
It is best to just replace your current modem for a combined wireless router/modem. Finding a router that will be compatible with your modem will prove difficult and the setup will be complicated and probably experience a number of problems and compatibility issues.  ...

I am going to install broadband in my home. I have two desktops which are not wifi enabled, and a laptop (wifi enabled). I'd prefer to have wireless, and I'm not sure what hardware I need. If I get a one port router, can I connect all three computers?
It will be best to purchase a 4 port wireless router, this way you can have them connected wired or wirelessly and also have space for inputting devices via ethernet cable such as internet radios (squeezebox duet), switches (if you need to expand your network) or Network Attached Storage (Externa...

I currently have NTL Broadband via a set top box. I would like to set up a wireless connection to enable me to access broadband all over the house.
I would recommend the Linksys WRT54GX for your wireless router, this plugs into the set top box via ethernet cable. Depending on your house you should have no problem with range, wall thickness can make a difference but an average to large house for example would have no problems at all. To make ...

I have just got bulldog broadband on adsl, and not used to this having come from ntl cable. In the past I have used NTL with the linksys router wrt54g but this is incompatible ( i think) with the usb adsl modem they have given me so I am unable to share
You are correct in saying the WRT54G will not work with the FREE USB modem that you have been given. The fastest all in one Modem/Wireless Router is the Netgear DG834GT. The best deal we currently have for this unit is a bundle with the WG111T USB adapter. See DG834GT + WG111T Bundle...

I want to use my 3G USB Modem at home with more than one computer. Can I do this with a wireless router?
Using a Draytek Vigor 2800G (with built in ADSL modem) or 2910VG (no modem, but two internet ports) you can plug your 3G USB Modem into the USB port on the router and it will allow you to turn your 3G connection into a secure wireless network for your home....

I'm having problems setting my Roku M1000 up with my wireless router.
The Roku M1000  has a problem receiving an IP address from certain routers such as the Netgear WPN824, the Belkin F5D8230 and the Netgear WGT624. In this case you will need to set the Rokus IP address manually. To do this connect the unit up to your router with an ethernet cable. Go to the S...

MIMO Wireless Router
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless routers use an array of external or internal antennas to offer an increase in both speed and range when compared with standard 802.11g and 802.11b wireless products....

My new games console has WiFi, how can I connect it to the internet when all I have is a USB modem?
You could use a wireless adapter on your PC to create an Ad-Hoc type connection and allow your console (such as a Wii, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 with wireless adapter) access to the internet, however this method can be a little tricky to set up and would require the PC to be switch...

Netgear RangeMax Technology Explained.
1000% more wireless coverage than standard 802.11gAs a 21st-century consumer, computers are an integral part of your life. But does your home computing environment work for you? Even if you already have a wireless network, you've probably found "dead spots" in your home where your Internet connec...

Setting up a Simple Wireless Network
Setting up even a simple wireless network can open up a whole new dimension of possibilities but just how easy is it to do? Well, with a little help from this guide things should become much easier to understand. First of all though, a few assumptions. We will assume you currently ...

Using the WGXB102 54 Mbps Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender Kit
Receive Wireless Internet Access from any Power Outlet in Your HomeAs home networking continues to spread and evolve at rapid speed, some users find that their wireless router does not reach all corners of their home, or that they would like to have their wireless network originate from a point o...

What's the difference between Cable and ADSL when choosing wireless equipment?
If your broadband is provided by cable company such as NTL, Telewest or Virgin Media, they already provide the ethernet modem, either external or in your set top box. You would then buy a wireless router from our cable section and plug it in via ethernet to your box. An ADSL connection such as BT...

Wireless Routers
A wireless router is very similar to a normal broadband router but with a built-in wireless access point. This means all the computers in your network can access the internet wirelessly at the same time and you can share your broadband. The range of a wireless router is typically about 25-30m in ...
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